Interest-Led Learning: Letting Kids Taking the Lead

I’m going to preface this entire post by saying I am very much a novice at Interest-led learning.  I’ve dabbled in it throughout our 8 years of homeschooling, but I’ve never been able to deep dive into this magical idea.  Part of my hesitance is that my kids are very much like the husband and…

8 Ways to Teach Your Child When You’re No Expert

You don’t have to know everything to teach your kids. Here are 8 ways you can teach your child when you are not an expert.

When Homeschooling Becomes Disappointing

I’ve been really struggling with my idea of homeschool vs. my reality of homeschool. Find out why I’m disappointed and how I’m choosing to handle it.

Homeschooling Multiple Children

Homeschooling multiple children is definitely different than just focusing on one, but I want to explain how it isn’t any more difficult.

Confessions of a Homeschool Event Planner

Read more to learn about my secrets to being a successful homeschool events and activities planner for my local homeschool group.

The Daily Basket for the Secular Homeschooler

Find out what a Daily Basket is, what’s in it, and what Paterson Academy recommends for you to put together the perfect secular morning basket.

The Joy of Day Trips

We are lucky in that we live in a country where a 2-4 hour drive in any direction can lead to something new. Day trips are joyful ways to explore and learn.

Year-Round Homeschooling

The year-round homeschool lets us keep the kids’ momentum in their studies, allows room to explore other learning opportunities, and prepare for adulthood.

The Homeschool Culture

Someone asked if all homeschoolers subscribe to a “homeschool culture” and that made me think, What is a homeschool culture and am I a part of it?

The Homeschool Planner

Finding the right homeschool planner for your homeschool can be challenging, but I want to share the one I have found is perfect for us.

Curriculum for the Preschooler

All preschoolers need play-based learning, but some preschoolers need more. Here are my preschool curriculum recommendations.

Homeschooling 101 – My Advice

Advice from a seasoned homeschooler to the new homeschooling families embarking on their homeschooling journey.

Why Worry About Unfinished Curriculum

Unfinished curriculum happens, but I don’t worry about it. Find out why you shouldn’t either.

Why I Don’t Worry About The Homeschool S-Word

Socialization is a concern that every homeschooler must address, but I never worry about whether my kids are getting enough socialization.

The Kid’s Honor Club

Raising kids to be kind adults is imperative in today’s society. Thank goodness my friend invited us to join The Kid’s Honor Club.

6 Ways To Help Convince A Reluctant Spouse

Here you will find 6 ways to help convince your reluctant spouse that homeschooling is, in fact, a great idea for your family.

Inspiring (But Real) Homeschool Spaces

REAL Homeschool Spaces, from the dedicated school room to the space integrated into the every day living areas, let these spaces inspire you.

Looking For A Schedule For Our Homeschool

Finding a schedule that fits my family’s life style would make things so much easier, but it’s challenging since we aren’t schedule kind of people.

What is Free Range Homeschooling?

Learn what free range homeschooling is and how you can apply it to your homeschooling journey.

Homeschool Snow Day

When you homeschool you spend a lot of time at home, so a snowday can be just another day, but sometimes you do have to take a Homeschool Snowday.

I Hate Homeschooling

The 1st year homeschooling was a year of discovering and coming to terms with the fact that my idea of homeschooling wasn’t going to be my reality.