Art for 3-6 years

Find classes for your littlest learners to gain valuable skills that will help them succeed as well as foster a love of art and imagination.

Art for 7-12 years

Provide a creative outlet for your school-aged learners that will also promote their problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Advanced Art

As students begin planning for adulthood, give them a creative way to lay a foundation for valuable project development skills.

Adult Art

Learn new skills or refine old ones by joining creative art classes geared specifically to bring adult learners together and inspire creativity.

Graphic Design

Start kids on a journey of graphic design that will push their creative thinking and lay a foundation for innovative leaders.

Cooking for Kids

Take a night off and let the kids cook dinner in classes that walk them step-by-step through the preparation and cooking of a full meal.

Cooking for Adults

Join me to prepare and cook a full dinner that will introduce possibly new foods, spices, and cooking techniques while socializing with other adults.

Physics Classes

Make learning fun with Physics classes for young learners that integrate basic Physics concepts, experiments, and cartoons.

Group Art Events

Meet with friends and family around the world to make memories and art in group art events like birthday parties or girls' night out.

Language Arts

Find Language Arts classes that incorporate reading, writing, and grammar into a fun and creative experience that kids will enjoy.

Self-Paced Classes

Learn on your own time by signing up for self-paced classes that are either moderated or completely self directed.

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