Art for 7-12 Years Old

Art Class - Foundations

Art education encourages creative thinking that will lend itself to unique problem-solving skills later in life. Art Class Foundations takes the basic elements and principles of design along with art medium exploration and experimentation to build a solid groundwork for creative thinking.

Each week, students will be walked through the creation of a different art piece. We will use a variety of different art materials to learn Art from many different mediums: painting, drawing, charcoal, sculpture, collage, printmaking, etc. Students will be encouraged to exert their own imaginations in adding details, choosing colors, and engaging with their piece within the confines of the guided lesson.

As we work I will explain what elements/principles we are including and how they are being used within our artwork. I will give tips and tricks on achieving certain techniques and/or using certain materials. I will talk to students about slowing down in their art creation to make thoughtful and conscious artistic choices. Students will also begin to recognize how the basic elements of art come together to make a finished composition.

Students should have the recommended materials for the week’s class.

A general list of supplies to have on hand is:

  • 11×14 Mixed Media paper
  • 11×14 Canvases
  • Drawing and colored pencils
  • Art pens and markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • watercolor paints
  • charcoals
  • oil pastels
  • chalk pastels
  • tempera paint (variety of colors, but especially black and white)
  • acrylic ink
  • acrylic paint (variety of colors)
  • paintbrushes

More specific supplies will be posted in the classroom on Sunday before class. Students should leave each class with a complete or mostly complete piece of artwork.


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Art in the Park

Welcome to Art in the Park!

This class is all about making connections between art history, art appreciation, and most importantly art creation. Each week we will learn about an artist and their life. We will incorporate history, geography, and the social, political, and spiritual ideology that contributed to the artists’ work. Students will look at a variety of artwork by the week’s artist and discuss the techniques and materials used as well as the art genre the artist falls into. Finally, students will create a piece of artwork that imitates the style, techniques, or subject matter of each artist.

Each class will begin with a short 15-20 minute presentation about the life and work of an artist. And the pièces de résistance: Students will be guided through the creation of their own, original artwork that imitates the style, techniques, or subject matter of the artist.

**I will talk about techniques the artist used and describe how to achieve that technique, but the ultimate piece each student creates will be much more free form and individual to the student.

I usually teach this class outdoors, but being at the park is not necessary. Just more fun. 😉


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