Who Are We?

Welcome to our little place on the internet!

We are the Patersons:  a homeschooling family that is a little silly and a lot of fun, but we are always keeping it real.

Paterson Academy is a blog about our personal journey homeschooling while also sharing ideas, advice, curriculum reviews, thoughts and opinions, and an overall sense of community.

In fact, to write a blog merely about homeschooling is nearly impossible since one truth that we have come to know is that every aspect of our life is a part of our homeschool.  So, really, Paterson Academy is about life.  The life of a family, and the individuals within that family; the community that we find ourselves in, and the community we create.

Now to get you started, I want to recommend reading the post “I Hate Homeschooling.”  I promise this post is less ominous than it sounds.  In this post, you will read about why we started homeschooling and how our first year went.

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My teaching experience includes being teaching assistant for 2 years to my Geology professor at North Carolina State University. I have taught 3-4 courses per semester for my homeschool co-op including Physics and STEM, art, and graphic design. I ran a private teaching business providing writing and art courses for local individuals and groups. In 2018 I began teaching writing, art, and graphic design online for Outschool.

I approach teaching from a place of passion. I pull my classes from my varied personal and professional experiences. Throughout my life, I have followed many different career paths that helped me to gain valuable experience in many different fields including accounting, human resources manager, market manager, social media marketing guru, and copy editor. I have a degree in Graphic Design, Economics, and Agricultural Business and Environmental Science. Beyond my professional and educational background, I bring my personal joy of cooking, creating, and being to each of my classes.

I truly believe that learning should be fun first because if we enjoy learning, we will always find opportunities to do it. I encourage creative freedom so students’ work will be relevant to their lives, and they will connect with what they are learning. I love learning and I love to share that with my students.

Let’s have some fun learning together.

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Outschool provides an international community of learners ages 3-18 that can connect to a wide variety of classes and expand their educational opportunities and build our future leaders.


Thinkers Meetup

Thinkers Meetup is a UK and Europe based learning platform for school-aged students to cultivate their critical thinking skills.


Lesson Leap

Lesson Leap provides school-aged students in India a space to empower their minds with soft skills that build global communicators and innovative problem-solvers.


Learn Anytime Anywhere

Learn Anytime Anywhere provides engaging learning experiences for school-aged students in China, Australia, and the UK.