If you know me at all, then you know I’m a hot mess.

I have a strong tendency to kinda live life by the seat of my pants.  I’m highly prone to moods, shifts in the weather, days of the week, and wild hairs that sometimes lodge themselves in unwarranted places.  Maybe it’s the free-loving hippie in me or maybe I’m just irresponsible.  Whatever it is, one thing I really struggle with is keeping a decent schedule.

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There are obvious dilemma in my scheduling deficiency like the fact that group functions (co-ops, classes, field trips) are all coordinated efforts with other people and places that DO have a schedule.  And there’s the fact that three little people are dependent on me to help them achieve certain academic goals, not to mention life goals.  And let’s not forget those daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  A schedule helps pull it all together.

But a schedule needs to make sense for a family.

So, I’m on a mission to find a schedule that even the most capricious side of me can follow.  I’ve started by seeing what other people are doing.  There are a lot of scheduling ideas out there-  cleaning schedules, school schedules, etc.  But can they work for me?

Ok.  I have a few scheduling demands:

  1. I need a schedule with a lot of flexibility.  Something that allows for sleepless nights when there is not enough coffee in the world to get me motivated through the day.  Or sick days when one or all of us need a little extra TLC and attention.  Or PMS days when the mere thought of having to be anywhere or do anything can send me (or one of the kids- because they seem to PMS too) into a fitful rage or a tearful meltdown of epic proportions.
  2. I need a schedule flexible enough to allow for my whimsical days when I wake up and decide today is the perfect day to… [fill in the blank here].
  3. I need a schedule with enough flexibility that on those days that cabin fever strikes I won’t be on the verge of a panic attack trying to force myself to stay home.
  4. I’m not a morning person so my schedule can’t expect me to be up at the butt crack of dawn and accomplish much, but… guess what?  I’m not a night owl either, which means my schedule also has to accommodate a decent evening cutoff.  My functioning hours are like 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.  Anything outside those hours needs to be relatively mindless.
  5. We don’t live in town per se which means for co-ops and group classes, trips to Target and Chick Fil A we have to travel.  I need a schedule that allows for travel time, but does not waste that time in the car.
  6. Remember how we like to party?  If we are going to continue our Rock Star lifestyles and be the social butterflies that we can’t help being we need a schedule that has plenty of party time worked into it.

Is this a lot of demands?  Is there any possible way a schedule can be created from this?  And then the real question is if I can create a schedule that allows for all of the above I still have to adhere to it, can I do that?  Will I?

While I fail at a schedule, I’m pretty good at planning;  I’m not bad at researching; and I am a genius at making lots and lots of lists.  I think I can put these skills together and hopefully come up with a schedule that will fit my needs and the needs of the family and the homeschool.  And maybe with a decent schedule, some liquid motivation (i.e. coffee), and a good kick in the pants I will be well on my way to living a more consistent and stable life.

Or… maybe I’ll just waste some time and brain power, have an awesome schedule to share with all of you, and then continue to be as mercurial as ever.

I’m open to any suggestions.  Leave me a comment here and let me know what you think might work.